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It was a freezing cold morning but it was important to be up early and off. Going to the Tasman Glacier was a bit of a drive and I got there in good time. The walk in  was concerning as I could hear a dog barking away. It is really remote at the Tasman Glacier in New Zealand and I remember being really concerned about this dog out there somewhere. I arrived at the edge of glacier, still keeping an eye out for a dog that might need a rescue.  I could see the icebergs floating around on the lake but I was really focused on the amazing sunrise happening in front of me. The colours and they way they reflected in the lake were just spectacular.

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The reds and pinks flooding this amazing landscape image of Tasman Glacier in New Zealand just ask to be blown up and on a wall. You can see Point Cook in the background as the sun lights it up along with the floating icebergs in the lake.

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