My Story

Having spent many years building my own small business and putting in all of those long hours any small business owner knows about I hit a wall and had a series of health issues.

Constant pushing by my family and friends to find something outside of business to enjoy saw me researching photography. This was an area I had enjoyed as a child, setting up a dark room in Mum’s laundry at home only to have to begrudgingly dismantle it when the washing needed to be done.

I decided that I wanted to learn landscape photography and how to photograph animals. I launched into landscape first and was immediately captivated by the sense of release it gave me.

The thing I like most about landscape photography is the feeling of being alone and out in among the most wonderful scenery. You are so present in the moment. Looking for the right composition, timing the waves, making sure the settings are right. Everything else just melts away and it is you, the moment and a wonderful landscape to get lost in.

I have also worked on and developed my wildlife photography. I just cannot express the joy of seeing elephants, lions, cheetahs and the rest of the amazing animals we are so fortunate to have on our plant. It is such a privilege to be able to photograph these animals in their habitat.

To me the point of taking photos is to have them printed on the wall so they can transport you away to another place and time. My walls at home are now totally full of images that I love. Family and friends likewise have all requested to purchase my photo prints for wall art.

I have built this web site to share my journeys, experiences and the photos I love with you all. If one of my images moves you and you would like it hanging in your home as well I’d be so excited.